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Print is a powerful tool in any marketing campaign. These are five important reasons to rethink print for your brand

  1. The Attention Span Phenomenon

Sometimes brands forget that the goal is not just to capture attention but to hold it. And attention spans are short in the digital environment but long in print. For example, readers spend 27 minutes on average reading printed B2B publications – but only 50% of readers get halfway through an article online. Print brings longer brand engagement.

  1. Save and Share

According to a study by Advantage and Kantar, 74% of B2B readers take positive action as a result of reading content from a brand; whether that is making an inquiry, booking an event, purchasing a product, visiting a website or more. Print is an environment in which content piques curiosity that builds interest and learning down the road. But most importantly, print is physical. It sticks around  – and it’s shareability isn’t decreased when you close your browser

  1. The Quality Position

Ikea’s recent tongue-in-cheek Experience the power of a bookbook™ video shows that not only is the demand for print still high, but that a billion dollar brand believes so strongly in it too. Print is the medium most associated with quality and trust, making it the best for prospect nurturing and brand loyalty.

  1. The Value Proposition

Direct mail is a more successful medium than ever before. Think about how many less items you receive in your mailbox than you did five years ago – your direct mail piece is more likely to stand out now than ever before. Direct mail brings in $12 for every $1 that you invest, and by adding direct mail to a marketing campaign increases the return on investment by 20%. Print is a great carrier of technology

  1. The Trust Factor

The perception of most business leaders is that print is a quality environment that offers both permanence and implicit trust. If print is where CEO’s want to be seen when they’re interviewed, and where they go for new knowledge, out of the box thinking, and leisure-reading time, then that is where brands should be spending their marketing budget.

Print has power. ..and it is time to power up!

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