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The Experience Economy authors Pine & Gilmore present award at annual thinkAbout event

Tyler “Ty” Koon, vice president at Lawton Connect in Orlando, FL has been honored by Strategic Horizons LLP founders Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore as the winner of the prestigious 2017 Experience Management Achievement (EMA) award.  The EMA award was presented to Koon during the annual Strategic Horizons thinkAbout event held on September 27-28 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Pine and Gilmore, authors of business bestseller The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage established the EMA award in 2005 to recognize individual accomplishment in creating new-to-the-world experience offerings and approaches.  In selecting EMA recipients, they research companies and individuals across all industries who are advancing efforts to move from goods and services to experiences.

Lawton Printers was founded in 1900 by J.B. Lawton and is one of the oldest printing companies in the United States. Today, the nation’s longest consecutively family-owned commercial printing company – Lawton Connect – continues to evolve and thrive.  Through staging rich customer experiences and embedding this innovative thinking into its culture, Lawton Connect helps its client communicate, captivate, and connect with their unique audiences.

“Few business owners have as great a name as Ty Koon, and few business owners so exemplify the principles of the Experience Economy in their marketing, sales, strategy — even operations — as Ty does”, said Joe Pine shortly following the award ceremony.   “He and his wife Kimberly have made Lawton Connect not only into a great printing company, but a premier experience stager.”

“Ty is larger-than-life in his enthusiasm for making every moment count — in his life, and in his business,” added Jim Gilmore. “He also represents the fact that most any business can truly benefit from the ideas of experience staging.  It is remarkable how many ways he has found to take lessons learned from our thinkAbout events, his Experience Economy certification, and being a gifted student of The Experience Economy, to prosper his business.  The man knows how to make it happen!”


About Lawton Connect  

Lawton Connect provides innovative commercial printing and communication solutions to brand conscious clients.  We specialize in providing synergistic and customizable communication solutions that extend beyond traditional printing.  Experience our comprehensive and state of the art in house capabilities for large run offset jobs, small run digital requirements, wide format signage, lettershop, and  complex variable data solutions.

About Strategic Horizons LLP

Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore are co-founders of Aurora, Ohio-based Strategic Horizons LLP, a thinking studio dedicated to helping companies conceive and design new ways of adding value to their economic offerings. They are co-authors of several internationally renowned business books and are sought by leading companies around the world for their insights and counsel.   Their 1999 book The Experience Economy spawned today’s worldwide interest in experience design, customer experience management, and experiential marketing.   For more information, visit, call +1 (330) 995-4680, or email

About the “Experience Management Achievement” (EMA) Award

As experiences proliferate in industry after industry, certain individuals demonstrate exceptional skill in envisioning, designing, and staging truly memorably and innovative experiences.  Pine & Gilmore established the annual Experience Management Achievement (EMA) award in 2005 to recognize individual accomplishment in creating new-to-the-world experience offerings and approaches.  The award itself is individually cast in solid brass by Texas-based master artisan Trace Guthrie.  Weighing nearly 10 pounds, the EMA’s unique design is a 3-D representation of The Experience Economy’s influence on award winners.