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There is power in the printed word…the hand-printed word. There are so many digital methods of communication now, and we are all bombarded with these every day. The average corporate emails sends or receives 100 emails per day. But a handwritten letter is rare and hard to ignore.

According to the U.S. Post Office, people get one hand written letter once every two weeks. They are costly. You have to think about every word and write it out, then address it and find a stamp before dropping in in the mail box. And there lies the flattery and why people gush a little on the inside when they get one in the mail – they were thought of enough for someone to take the time to send them a personal note.

A handwritten note could be the most effective form of communication. Like my 5 Reasons to Rethink Print post talks about, there is a certain amount of value and trust that comes from the printed word. It sparks emotion which goes far beyond any emoji. It creates a one-of-a-kind experience, and it stands out. What better way to build connection and relationship than with a thoughtful and ever personal sentiment.

So what if we took 2016 to make a stand and to get personal?! Make a resolution to send just one handwritten note a week. Call your favorite printer and get some custom notecards created. Or grab some from one of my favorites at Rifle Paper Co, Ashley Brooke Designs, or others. Think about the impact you will make.

Handwritten notes remind us to slow down and take in our community, our clients, and our colleagues. Invest your time, make it personal, and who knows where it will take you. But just like any thoughtful gift, it is so better to give than to receive.

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