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I was giving a plant tour of our print facility recently to a president of a large organization here in Central Florida. As usual, during the end of our tour, we made a stop at our museum which is filled with our old printing equipment and tools that date back to 1898. You can’t help but feel the weight of how far technology has come and the effort that was spent creating printed pieces a hundred years ago.

My client was inspired and began telling me about some of his favorite printed pieces he had overseen over the years. Collectible pieces that he has saved and still keeps in his office. He spoke about the finishing and the embellishments, the texture of the paper, and how well the piece felt in his hands. Then he began walking down memory lane while talking about them – where he was in his life and the circumstances that led to creating those impressive books and the reaction that he got from the people that received them.

It reminded me just how much I LOVE PRINT. Every day I get the privilege to watch a true blank-slate be transformed into a product that is colorful, interactive, and full of spirit. These creations may be a cherished treasure or it may teach you, invite you to act, or evoke emotion. I see instant memorabilia being born every day at Lawton Connect.

Print and design have a profound effect on how we feel. Together they create an experience that is one we can save forever. While there are now so many great forms of media, print is the one thing that we all hold on to!


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